AC INDIE march

MMmmm, mm, a can o party.
Love! Christine

NEWS: Going back to Los Angeles and then to San Fran on Monday after being in Montreal for about 7 months! This sudden change is because I will be art directing ( as well as illustrating and designing) the new ad campaign for Rocketdog! Woohoo! Super exciting and fun and the people are great. Cant wait to see what unfolds the next month, or the next day! Im also working on the lookbook and photoshoot. This lil sweet company we are gonna make something really beautiful happen.
MORE NEWS: speaking of which, my computer DIED two nights ago! Which is kind of like not breathing anymore. For the first two days I was in shock. I had no idea what to do, but, I did manage to go to a bookstore and read a very enlightening 200 page book straight through in about an hour or two while waiting for the next thing to happen. So, now I think I might have to get a new one somehow or find someone to help me get it working again ( even though its less than a year old and I have 3 year apple care AND keyboard protector ANNDD a hard case protector over it!!!!) because I think it sucked in some moisture. Just a tiny drop from my desk and my life is scrambled eggs.Right now I am typing on a korean keyboard and using a really big old skool monitor and mac that my greatest roomie ever let me borrow so I could try to have my old life back. BUT the craziest thing happened last night! After finally getting the computer ready to do work, I start to work on some posters that were way over due and the moment I put pencil to paper----THE POWER WENT OUT in the house! I ended up drawing this poster and the one coming next BY CANDLE LIGHT! Hahahaha! I have no idea what is going on. Life, Life is nutso right now. But, still, pretty funny and I am lucky none of my clients are THAT mad at me right now, although,I feel pretty bad having them wait for me and wait on some projects until I can get the info off my harddrive. I am trying to do what I can while preparing to leave the city I love so much on top of it all.
Life life life! It is so pungent sometimes.

EVEN MORE NEWS: Another reason why I am returning to LA is to work on music in the studio with a producer I never met and musicians I dont know but am just going-to just do it-because it seems right and these are all things of love. I had a performance last weekend in Montreal! It was one of my best shows ever, I think. Just a small divey bar that I couldnt ask for anything better.

I am really excited about this poster and show above because its just the first in their monthly line ups and its in VENICE where I live and will be taking place the first day I move back into my lil studio nest that I miss so much. March 1st is going to be a spectacular day.

Love! Christine

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