This was a lil' different from what I usually do just because the premise was to make the poster more "darker" looking ( because it was an anti-valentines day/ Friday the 13th kind of poster). So, while sticking true to my whimsical feel, I gave the poster a rough and black sketchy look with "darker" characters (haha): an 8 legged wolf stepping on a spider. The reasons for the 8 legs is because there are 8 bands from each city battling against one another, and the reason the monster is stepping on the spider isn't because it's a spider, but because it happened to have a heart on it's back, just like the broken heart the monster holds. And then, to liven it up and give it a bold eye catching color with a retro/spy kind of feel. ( because I like to imagine my posters catching eyes and I try to use good color contrasts to bring the focus to the poster) I made it in 3 different colors.
Love! Christine

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