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Yesterday I went to the McGill REDPATH museum in Montreal (which is like stumbling into a secret bookstore down some quiet summer breeze block (or rainy day warmth), opening up a dusty book about fossils full of beautiful illustrations and uncovering treasures of glee - old love letters between pages, writings between the lines,photographs and petals pressed against a once beating heart).

One of my bestest buddies Escher Dashiki (Erin Smith-Quill and Squalor) was visiting from NYC and we screamed mini bursts of joy in every inch of the place. We stared in the stuffed animals eyes and felt pure fear ( any moment they could bite us in our alternate animated environment), watched gemstones twinkle, play from top to bottom a lucid dream of prose and folly. The museum smelled like the inside of an old violin; almost exactly.

I think I'm going to start to explain where these bizarre images come from; inspired from the daily life of living in the world (that which I need to do more of because sometimes I can stay inside my room for a whole week without ever setting foot outside!): the feet of the dinosaur on this poster were inspired by the feet of a stuffed animal I saw in the museum, the badge from a badge I picked up off the ground at the Ms. Guided event on Friday and kept in my pocket all weeked ( I wanted to think of a game in which I could award the prize ribbon to, but I lost it before I could come up with something - which was actually ok for me because there was a pin pricking my finger often), the heart on the wrist is actually a drawing of my own hand with my real heart tattoo, the morse code on the badge came from realizing the beeping my phone makes when it get's a text message is actully morse code for "SMS" (!!! I love code!!!), the fontface/type from the new Writer/Swim Party LP I just worked on [more info later], the dino from the Land Before Time allusion in the Eleni Mandell review/comic I made last week, and the colors from one of those summer rocket pops that I was thinking about. Life: always, here, there, behind the eyes, and under the pencil dream.

Go to this museum. It's absolutely free and one of the coolest places probably ever! There is a giant stuffed lion on the third floor steps you could have a conversation with and real egyptian mummy to get grossed out about and a million beautiful seashells to wish you could visit an alien planet to see how far fetched things could really get.

LOVE! Christine

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Escher Dashiki said...

what a total dream boner