Love, Christine JEWELRY sneak peek!

Here is a sneak peek at what is brewing in the land of Love, Christine Jewelry. This year I'm trying to get back in the swing of things with the jewelry line. A few years ago when my momma and I first started to make jewelry it got a lot of great response in a really short amount of time! Covers of magazines and interviews lined up! BUT, then life got really busy and the jewelry had to go to the back of the line. BUT, I want to get these special creations out into the world again.

I don't really wear jewelry but, I do wear this stuff. To be honest, I have a hard time parting with it. Haha. There is a certain charm to them and I think a big part of it is the collaboration with my momma. She is this incredible little japanese woman (once a model in japan, a world traveler, a creative master who sang sweet beatles songs to me when I was a baby and won prizes in high school for her geometric paper folds) who now lives in a tiny town in Missouri and finds small treasures in which she fashions into mini art pieces. Sometimes I will design the jewelry and send it to her and she will make it or we look for items together and brain storm on new pieces, other times we come up with our own designs from our findings.

I think the thing about this jewelry line that makes it special is that we are both into the idea of the history of the piece. Nostalgia. Romance. I love to imagine the life of the charm, chain, pearl, gemstone. Imagine the women and girls years before that had twirled the chain around her fingers, held onto a charm, looked at her reflection to adjust an earring. How many spring breezes, summer suns, autumn leaves? Teardrops, raindrops, wine drops fell on each piece? Each of these one of a kind necklaces are a mixture of new and old materials, but, always, the centerpiece is the treasure: the stepping stone into another life time, a locket of life.

More later.;)

Model: Erin Smith (and just one of me with my favorite necklace I'm going to have a hard time parting with: a fake red gemstone covered lipstick on a string of pearls)
Photography/Design: moi

Love! Christine

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