The second mouse is part cupcake/part mouse, the fifth is tossing a tasty pancake into his mouth. and I think the last one might be in drag.

I made this for my friend Souris. Her name is "mouse" in French. Her parents are Chinese. They wanted to name her after the year of the rat because that was the year she was born in, so they ended up with mouse. So cute. So so cute.

I was thinking. If I changed my birthday on my myspace page or facebook a few times a month, how many random people would tell me Happy Birthday? On my myspace art page I don't know too many of the people; I can honestly say that 98% of those people I haven't added to be my friend on my friend list and that I know maybe 3% of those people personally---but I like that people add me because they like my art and I love getting emails from them asking about it or just wanting to be my friend and talk! So sweet!. :) ANYWAY, when my birthday rolls around, it's so nice to get birthday wishes from a ton of people I don't even know. So thoughtful! So...what if I did an experiment to see how much Unbirthday Birthday love I can get?! Bwahahahaha! These are the diabolical thoughts that run through my mind. Haha.

I got a fish today! His name is
I can't decide. I haven't really named an animal in ages. Ever since I was little my bird was "Bird" my hamster was "Hamster" and when I had lots of hamsters at one point (they were making babies every week and then eating their heads off!! GROSS!) they were all named "Hamster". So...my Baby Sassy Fish in Venice is named BABY SASSY FISH, but I can't call this one that. He isn't that sassy, more mopey and sky. Part of his tail was eaten off, poor lil guy, but I love him so much!!! I'll probably have some drawing of my new BABY FISH or STEVE soon. I drew a picture of him tonight but I had a hard time making a beta look cute because they have funky fish face.
ALSO, I bought a friend for him! A MARIMO!! ( Japanese moss ball). This ball of moss cost the same amount as the fish! Isn't that crazy?! I always wanted one and my mom and I tried to make them when she came to visit me in Venice but ours always fell apart. They're super cool.

AH! I'm so tired but I have so much more to type about today but my brain is starting to loose it's ability to be more eloquent in my prose. My last sentence "They're super cool." is a prime example. ALTHOUGH, simple things can mean SO MUCH. To elaborate a little more---that sentence means: they're really fascinating "creatures" because they can only be found in a few places like Iceland and Japan and they're actually an Algae. They form communites under the water and sometimes float to the surface and float back. It's kinda like Transformers.

More info later...! :)

Well, I'm going to ZZZZ land right now.

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