At 11AM the sun shines into my room at a certain angle that makes rainbows all over because I have a little crystal hanging in my window. At 4am there is a giant twinkly star in the purple sky directly across from me when I'm laying in bed.
At 12PM the church bells ring.

I marked the wall on certain rainbow spots so when I see the little rainbow dot above my computer, I know it's 11:19. I mean, I can always look at the clock, but, that isn't very fun. That would be neat project---to make a sundial for every hour. 24 different ways of capturing time with light, like Mousetrap. At a minute before 3 the sun shines directly into this magnifying glass which burns paper, which then lights a firecracker that blows up a balloon and so on. What if it lasted for 24 hours: enough stuff going for a full day. That would take a long time to build---or would it? If 288 people said they would contribute 5 minutes, and then we linked them all together after a week then it's totally possible. Ah, I have so many ideas for really giant participatory art projects. Another one is building the longest rope ladder and attaching giant clear balloons to it so it floats off into the sky. It looks like if you were to climb it, you would climb right off the planet. If a ton of people made sections of the ladder, we could get it done in a week. We'd have to get a flying license and reserve that space in the sky and take care of a bunch of legalities, but, it would look so amazing. Imagine a ladder on the top of a hill disappearing into the blue. There would have to be 24 hour security because I'm sure some people would not be able to resist the urge to climb the ladder. Easy space travel. Babel? I always want to go Up! This idea came to me one day in Russia and I never forgot about it. I turned it into a comic about a girl who climbed the ladder and sailed off into space.

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Christine Ohara Hale said...

I'm commenting on my own post because I wanted to tell myself that my shrimp were so strange. I drew cooked shrimp ( their heads cut off, no arms or legs) but still put faces on them and made them talk. Hahaha. But I do that with everything anyway.

Ooh me. If anything, everything I make is entertainment for myself. This is probably because I grew up in a small town in Missouri with nothing to do and when I would tell my dad I was bored he would always say:
"Boring people are bored."