I've been here for a couple days and so far:
I've made a poster,
wrote a new song,
slept a lot and had really weird dreams (one of them I ran into John Mayer at a chic hotel by the beach and I was wearing all white and he made a joke about it, but then I looked at him and pointed out he was wearing all white too!),
given away a bunch of jellyfish comics,
walked around the city and bought cheap mangos and apples,
got asked if I wanted to be a nude model, sing backup for a country band, and play bass and sing for another band,
ate the city's best Pho,
sang songs for my roomies under the stars,
and last night decorated an umbrella with cats and cheese and wrote "cheese dream" in Korean all over it. ( Will post pix later!)

Right now there are rainbows all over my room because the sun is shining in from the courtyard garden through my little crystal I put in the window.
I'm off to climb the mountain now! More later.


Posters below:
Radio Free Silverlake: yellow Radio Free Silverlake: black
Special Montreal comic:
Jellyfish Comic

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