Okay! Yay for new blog!
Here is a bike and some helmets I just painted the day before I jammed over to Montreal! Fun!
Now I know how to paint metal things. I just got a couple old metal lamps from down the street at this amazing, tiny, secret little antique shop a BROCANTE (with a crazy lil' brocanteur); one of those kinds full of treasures piled up all over. I'm going to sand and paint lampies white---IMA SUGU! ("ima sugu" is japanese for "right now" and I'll probably turn it into a title for something, maybe blog #527! Ha!) After that, I'm going down the street to see my friends Sweet Mother Logic and Cali band Bodies of Water ( that just had their poster in ze beloved L.A. Record; I make all their comics and lots of editorials for bands and it's full of people I adore) last month! Yay! Can't wait to meet them, in Canada (CA: California, CA: Canada - it's the same!). My roomie, Jean Francois, is an architect, and he has been painting some white shelving he made for his friends restaurant, but right now he is trying to fix the wiring in my lamp! Ah! I love my new roomies!

OKAY : White paint painting party in the garden courtyard stat!

Oh yah! About the mountain thing: I went to the top of Mont-Royal and ran back home. Usually in Venice I have this lil' exercise routine where I run (well, mostly dance and walk fast) up the beach, climb the Santa Monica Stairs, and then do yoga at the Pacific Palisades park. So, I have a new routine where I run up these frenchy streets, hike through the mountain, reach the top and look out over the city, and then run the rest of the way down. Exercise party is the best. I'm all new to it: I just started doing it a month ago (an "exercise routine", I'm always biking or skateboarding or just walking) because I realized I really need to be in tip top super good shape for my health, for my coeur (heart), for my work! I really want to push out all my stuff, all my love, into the world, and now that I'm getting older it's time to really pay attention to this kind of stuff ( I look young and act younger, but I'm gonna turn 26 next month and I need to make good habits for the rest of ma vie!). SO Weird and new and FUN! Since I stopped smoking and drinking and everything else since Jan 1, and started becoming more healthy, life has become even more vibrant. Amazing how these little changes make a big difference on your overall mental health. My brain is really happy, we are friends, and it became friends with my heart too. :)

drive less, bike more

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