Different versions of MOMOKISS.

The one at the bottom of these is the first initial idea sketch and then the rest are the more stylized refined versions. BUT, you know what, I always love the very first one the best because it's the unknown, the explorer, the first child. It's creepier and strange and interesting. But, out of the second sketches, I don't know which one I like best. Some of them are a little too "soft" which is fine, I think they would be good for baby stuff, but at this second I like the really colorful versions, the very first two, because the colors are crazayyyy and don't make sense, and I like things that don't make sense but they feel good, like NONSENSE. :) What I like: color that is music with humor and wit swirled together, like a mix of people at a park wearing colorful clothing and balloons stuck in trees and tiny flowers blowing very very gently in the breeze.

These drawings were inspired by the desire to kiss peoples cheeks like a sweet peach or a soft blue note from a sleepy bird (or falling star fruit, oops, I forgot to draw those!)

MOMO KISS wcblue
MOMO KISS pencil
MOMO KISS concept sketch

I drew this concept sketch in a moleskine and wanted to get rid of the yellow parts but it didn't work out too well.

OH! Amazing stuff from yesterday:
Went to JP's (John-Pascale Saint Cyr [I love people's french names like my roomates name: John Francoise, but they always shorten it to : Jeff or JP, I don't know why, the original is beautiful!) place to listen to his remix of one my Symmetrix songs and then we added vocals to it and played around with other vocals for other musical things. OOOH! So fun! I love love love making music and I love to sing.
After that I went to Eric's place and we worked on animating stuff! We're going to take my drawings and make them come to life!!!
Both of these boys are in the band Sweet Mother Logic which is also AMAZING! I saw them the first time I came to Montreal and was overjoyed in their music, it was full of so much life, vibrant and fun carnival. It was so interesting how we met: through two separate people I knew who had both invited me to the show and were friends with the band and/or were participating. All very sweet and wonderful guys with lots of musical and artistic love. Tres bien.

Okay! No more art for today because tomorrow I'm waking up very early and working on 3 posters for different shows (Writer and The Leviathan Brothers, tour and shows, respectively, and a show a charity show in York, UK called For The Sake Of Song!) and then artwork for another sweet band called the The Los Dos Bros! WHOA! I just realized that all the bands are brothers or called brothers or are brothers and called brothers. That is fascinating. I should call my brother.

Tonight I'm designing clothes for the wives of major basketball players. I have to come up with a bunch of different ways to transform their jerseys into cute clothing for women. So random! Yah, love it!

Day by day, minute by minute, kiss by kiss, and every luscious heartbeat by heartbeat...

Love, Christine

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Peggy Fussell said...

I love what you wrote about first sketches, and I couldn't agree more.
Sweet peach kisses to you.