Simon et Moi

WHOA WHOA WHOA, it's Saturday night again which means soul/mod dancing night at Jupiter with Simon, Benjamin and Victor, which means: non stop,crazy ,super hot, sweaty ,stinky, cold ice cube down the back, super fun, exhilarating, exuberant celebration of music and life!!! YEAH! We danced for hours and hours all over the place and skipped home (sans alcohol, at least, water is good, my soul feeds my desire feeds my soul). There is a festival on the streets and billions and billions of beautiful people with cherry smiles line the road. The weather has been warm and humid too, as if summer had changed it's mind and decided to come back for a while, just when I was getting used to fall. I have no qualms, I love summer and I'm excited about September summer because everyone tells me it's going to be a beautiful orange and red Indian Summer. Oh, my heart can't bear it! But at the same time I'm really sad that my time here is going so fast. The other morning I woke up feeling incredibly sad and depressed because I had thought it was late afternoon and I had slept in missing half of my day here! But, when I looked at the clock it was only 9:30 and fear turned back into joy. Phew! Every single moment is so precious to me, I can't describe it, like someone you love is going to go on a trip and you don't know when they're coming back so you want to spend all the time you can with them. I guess, it's the opposite, in this situation: Montreal will always be here and it doesn't care either way, but I do. But, it's just like life too---I have my off days or off moments, but, I want to LIVE and do, see, make so many things and it seems like when you love something it just goes by faster: like cake. And yes, you can take your time, but the fresher it is the better.

We'll see, I might bear the cold if there is reason enough to bear the cold but right now my new saying: day by day, kiss by kiss, every luscious heartbeat by heartbeat.
(The kissing part isn't really about kissing, it's about the KISS of day, it's the transformation from day to a sensual and passionate life because life is so much more fun when it's full of PASSSSSIIIOONN!)
OR a more G way: day by day, moment to moment, every LUSCIOUS heartbeat by heartbeat...either way: the heart.

ABOUT SIMON: I'm so lucky that my apartment came with an awesome friend. I love love love this boy. He talks lovingly to his plants, laughs and smiles frequently, has a sweet and soulful heart, is just as he is as he is as he is: wonderful and kind.
ABOUT SIMON and I: We skip and run through the city and sing Whitney Houston in the subway and dance in the streets without a single care in the world, like every inch is our living room and every person is a friend, and every star in the sky is shining in our eyes.

That reminds me, I saw a shooting star tonight! What else: Benjamin played the drums in his samba band at za international food festival, Simon and I danced around like the little kids, ate some kangaroo (!!! I didn't like it but we wanted to try it) and very sticky candy apples. The result: we didn't feel too good after but, once we all moved to the dancedancedance floor everything changed.

I want to take a trip to the country and watch the stars soooooooooo baaaadddd. Anyone?
The first time I came to Canada (a camp in a forest outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba) was a long time ago with my Youth Group to help rebuild an inner city kids camp. My favorite memories are of looking out at night at the sky saturated with stars, so white and bright and crisp and cool: each star singing a tune, an orchestra in blue, with the fear of wolf howl in the darkness.


This below is one part of a series I'm working on a photographs of people at parties and concerts. I love looking at photographs of a bunch of people and seeing each life pointing in their own direction, shooting out like fireworks in the sky.


And, if you haven't visited my E.E. CUMMINGS MUSIC PROJECT, here is a song and a poem that I can't get out of my mind. The poem is by him and the music and singing and recording is all me! :) The link is to the right if you look on LINKAROOS to learn more and to hear more! :) I love this poem so much I'm going to post it again. It's so good and beautiful and true and it makes my heart cry with joy and truth. OOOh so good!



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