You give two kisses and get two kisses from everyone!

Nice big smacks on your cheek. MMWAH! I love it! I need to work on my kisses, they are very tiny and petite like a little ghost bird and sometimes they don't land near the cheek. They need to be soft and firm like a little sweet momo (peach in japanese) that fell out of a squirrels hands up above in a tree and bounced off the cheek very lovingly and juicily, like falling fruit stars or purple song notes from a sleepy bird. At least I'm getting the cheek order down. For a while kisses were flying in all kinds of crazy directions.

The comic below was done for the SXSW Off The Wookie publication. Every year I fill it with lil comics and art and thousands are passed out for free all over SXSW with free ice cream (from The Ice Cream Man). Mmm mmm! Tonight I met someone who knew who I was, they had seen my comics at SXSW in a couple things and added me as their friend on myspace a while back and then, randomly, sitting on the floor, chewing tropical gum, exchanging music in Montreal, we meet. What a tiny world.
Oh, so much to talk about today's amazingness because a lot of amazingness was happening all over and my heart, my heart sings!).

+will put up momo kiss picture with sleepy bird in peach tree tomorrow+ ;)
Fais de beaux rêves!

Love, Christine



Leena said...

Thanks for writing this.

Christine Ohara Hale said...

You're welcome! Thank you for the thankin! :) LC