boybird story sketches

Sketches of characters from a children's story I'm working on about a boy who wakes up as a bird. I love drawing animals and people looking into each others eyes. The top sketch is really weird; I love it! This story is really fresh so I'm still working on it all and it could take me a while. But, I want to try to post more often and I have a billion drawings and sketches to share, so, it's bloggy bloggin party.

I did, though, write a kids book the other evening called "It's Hooray Day!" and that is something I want to finish up pretty soon. I've got some basic sketches and ideas of the book in the works so hopefully you'll see it in action in Feb.

It's so exciting. I've always wanted to write and illustrate kids books but I just couldn't get the stories to come out of me, but lately, they've been popping out like spring buds. I'm also going to start a project with my friend Richard Agnew in London called JAM ON TOAST illustrating his incredibly wacky, super fun book of really bizarre short stories that I absolutely adore more than anything right now! They're like little pieces of delicious cakes for the brain. Here is one of them below:

"MY TOASTER HAS A BRAIN and knows exactly how I like my toast. It even knows when I’m going to be hungry and makes toast for me. The only problem with this is that I don’t always feel like eating toast every time I’m hungry, but don’t want to break my toaster’s heart by turning down its offerings. I know that this is silly and that my toaster doesn’t even have a heart but only has a brain. Even so, I still continue to eat mountains of toast so that I don’t offend my toaster..."

Exciting! :) So many things planned for this year...we'll see how they go.

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