The New Yorker
The New Yorker cover
Here are my entries for The New Yorker Eustace Tilley cover. The first is him as a kid with a paper hat on and a caterpillar (instead of a butterfly), titled: Eusty Tilley. The second is a monster eating a chicken leg ( hahahaha) based off the silhouette of Tilley titled: Eustacarnivore T.. Artists were supposed to reinterpret or recreate the original cover. I've been saying for the past year that I've been wanting to do a cover for The New Yorker so even if it's through this contest, I still got to do it. :) I don't think anyone likes the monster one but I love love love love love love love it. It falls more into my larger abstractish/cartoonish art I've been working on. I love the simplicity of it and it's dirt and grimey cartoony texture/feeling/style. It was the first sketch I did when I started to think about what I would do and I never let it go. Ahh. Art.
Okay, back to work!

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