Pick up Stix

Whew! I've been working for a million hours. Sometimes I can really pump stuff out and sometimes it takes a lot of research and thinking and doodling up ideas until I get something finished. I always forget, though, and pile up so much on my plate! But I just love it all and I get it all done in a timely manner, so all is good. Whoa! It's almost 5AM. I've been up all night. Power nap and then up again to work on a few more things, then sleepytown. Usually when I'm working too, I always start a new idea ( like this elephant drawing and the gum comics), they're my art breaks because I'm already artin' it up. Pllbbbb.

I've decided to make some books once I get over these project hurdles.
Detoxing right now---drinking something that tastes gross and lots of water. No toast and marmalade!

Montreal news: it's awesome. I saw a yellow leaf fall to the ground. Uh oh! Fall is coming. I LOVE fall, but, it just means winter will be here soon and that means I need to figure out what to do with my life. Geeze! ;)


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