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Let's Independent 9.18.08

Let's Independent! 9.18.08

So I'm totally having a blast with my new pen-tab, so much that I'm putting out new work with it. I like it so much because of the crisp colors and simple shapes, like a children's book. So, I'm realizing I have certain styles with certain mediums:
1. Vector is very paper cut, simple and cute, super colorful, minimal, playful.
2. Pen is sketchy, detailed, more mature, kind of scratchy, very bold and certain and organic.
3. Pencil is soft and sweet, it can be molded easily and works best with baby soft colors.
4. Watercolor is watecolor-it's fine art. I do all my BIG paintings in watercolor and Sumi-E ink. I love watercolor--watching the paint seep into the paper, spread slowly, mix and blend, it's like watching the the sunset. When I was living in Sweden during midsummer the sunset was a magenta to purple paint slowly dripping down the sky into the horizon. It was absolutely amazing.

I just came up with an idea for a kids book. A negative thought bursts out of someones head and soars out into space bumping into all kinds of things (monsters and martians eating egg sandwiches and comets made of chocolate and shoes) and causing havoc. The only way to stop the negative word it to send out a positive word. The positive word goes through all the places the negative word messed up and helps fix things, then it finds the negative word all alone and sad because everyone is mad at it, so the positive word gives the negative word a hug and they burst into a star (from happiness).VOILA!-new solar system with planets as their babies. It's true though, this all falls in line with my whole SYMMETRY and SYMMETRICS theory, all the research I did in quantum physics and theory and how I found similar relationships with holistic healing, sound,colors, ideas and principals from Einstein to Plato--they all said the same thing about life: symmetry! What does that mean?! It means a ton of things I could talk about (the model of time, the definition of vision and perception) BUT: the main concept, though, is to get to the core, the place where everything intersects, where all lines come to the point and that point is: love (for me, the simplest word is the best word). Love is the basis of everything and it's hard to define love but you know love when you see it and feel it. It's happiness, joy, peace, courage, wisdom, kindness...etc. It's the basis of all my work and the reason why I do what I do! :) It's why we even live, we live to love! We live and work with a desire in our heart to find love, we work hard at what we love, we bother to do anything at all because of it. So---in my childrens book, love is the positive word and love heals everything the negative word did. It takes in all the bad energy while the negative word was taking in all the good from everything it destroyed. When they meet, they are balanced-harmony, yin and yang: boom! That is the core, the center, where all lines intersect.

I think the best way for me to put out these pretty big and deep ideas is to do it through childrens books. All the greats do it that way-in comics or children's books! Intentionally or not, art has something to say about you and what you believe. I wonder if Dr. Seuss knew how deep his childrens books went. I think he did in the same way Einstein knew his hair was messed up and he was a lil' wackadoodle ( in a way that they knew but didn't grasp it, the balance-you have to give a bit of yourself in order to be able to tap into the vast knowledge of the universe, which is why idiot sevants are amazing but lacking in other things -socially "normal" things).

It's so interesting that philosophy can be easily interpreted through simple childlike concepts. It is all pretty simple. We just complicate things because we can.

Oh! 4am! Sleepingtown! No more philosophy tonight!
Love love love!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear. I needed a dose of that this morning. Here I am waking up 2 hours after you tuck in.....I will enjoy the sunrise from my studio window!