I've uploaded my entire LOVE, CHRISTINE & E.E. CUMMINGS MUSIC PROJECT Album and my SYMMETRICS album online! So, all you have to do is CLICK RAT CHEER! and then click on each folder and they will download right into your Itunes (I think)!

Love, Christine & E.E.: You can listen to the music for the sake of listening or you can read along with my singing/playing. I would really love it if you read the poem while listening because the purpose of the project was to interpret his beautiful poetry into music-into the way it made my heart soar. PLUS his poems have so many BEAUTIFUL lines about LOVE and SELF-RESPECT. It's really inspiring and enlightening! The poems are INCLUDED in the download along with my ARTISTS STATEMENT. ALSO visit the website! And if you want to hear more of my music, just visit my personal myspace page too. I've got a ton and I'm working on making a million E.P.'s!
SYMMETRICS: my photography interpreted in music with Antonio Ringor! Go to the website and participate, and if you click on my ARTISTS STATEMENT then it will take you to the MYSPACE PAGE! :)

Both music projects are very avant-garde and the purpose was interpreting perception though the eyes and the heart (color, textues, sounds, feelings, emotions, etc.)

Next steps:
LC & E.E.: finish illustrating each poem as well-then contact the estate and see if we can work together on a book/music deal and then I'll set up shows and start playing this music live! I want to have a projector or these books to hand out so people will read along. Super fun. Super duper.
SYMMETRICS: mixing the album, having some art gallery shows (where you listen on headphones to the music while looking at the photograph) and having more performances! Hopefully a really awesome CD release party at the GETTY? That would be a dream! Or the MOCA! Trying to pull some strings but I think it would be later in the future when it happens.


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