Let's Independent 10.21.08
Let's Independent 10.21.08 (final)

Going super minimal with this months poster! I've been making the posters for every Radio Free Silverlake Let's Independent show for over a year now. It's so great to be able to make something for all the different local LA bands, and exciting to see the change of style and experimentation over a year! I went through a big dog painting phase, and last month's was a really colorful vector image. This month is Jackie-O and JFK as dogs holding their dog baby in another dog dimension/time/space. I have to say, white background is always my first choice for everything-but, I've been playing around with black lately-and for posters, I'll try to make them more colorful and interesting for fun. But, I do think that with the right colors and arrangement, you can catch more people's attention with a white background. I think the white just kind of blanks out the surroundings, like life was 2D and we just cut out a square or just erased everything in that space in front of us, and gave the art a brand new spot of space in the universe to sit on. As if in that white space life started all over again.

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