It's been unusually rainy here in Montreal. Such a drastic change from super sunny Venice to rainy rainytown Montreal. But, there are pockets of sun now and then and I definitely feel like I am in a different place. I keep forgetting that I am all the way across the country. Everywhere feels like home.

But, I love sunny weather. When it rains I start to feel sad, lonesome, and sleepy. The first couple of days I did a lot of sleeping. Today I walked around in the rain and it was nice at first, but then it started to get cold and old memories flooded into me. Actually, not the visual memories, but the feelings. A sort of melancholy tune.
sadwhenitrainsSLEEP and DREAMrainisnice

When I got home Simon had made pizza (from scratch: portabello, oyster, and coffee mushrooms on pesto with feta, some kind of frenchy cheese, and some other kind of cheese...with garlic---soooo gourmet yummy!) and we (Simon, Jean Francoise, and Simon's friend from Cairo) all sat down with little glasses of white wine and had a lovely meal. After that we ate some macaroons, had some coffee and they watched the Olympics while I played my guitar in the courtyard.

After working for most of the day on some design stuff, I took a long walk down St. Laurent. I was looking for a big cup and I asked the girl at the $1 store if they had any. She said it was so strange; 3 people had come in looking for large cups. It was cup day I guess! On the way home I stopped at a french bookstore and bought some interesting items. Colored pencils, a CD of lullabies from different countries, and a cute notebook to send to Meggy in MO. Fun!
MUSIC UPDATE: I think I have a harp player, definitely a banjo player and a keyboardist to play with me for my E.E. Cummings music project. Awesome.

Yah! Day 2 of BLOG. I want to try to update this every day with new art. It takes a lot of time, but, I should be more consistent! I'm always making stuff or experimenting with looks like this stuff above. (The Love, Christine signature logo is my actual signature from when I was in 5. Aww!)

Oh yeah, BODIES OF WATER was AWESOME. The show last night was great and in this dark, frenchy place called Orange something. I can't remember. But, I'm really glad I went. I'm still getting used to kissing on both cheeks frenchy, I always end up feeling smoochies on my head --- imagine a tornado of kisses and hair. I will get used to it. Sweet kisses on cheeks, always nice.

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