Oh, so sleepy today! I didn't do very much. Played the guitar for a couple hours, sang so loud, so loud.
Woke up early, went hiking and running, found out about the pool (!!!!), read a book in the bathtub while the thunder rumbled and the rain dripped on the flowers out the window. Tonight I went to the CUTEST french restaurant off Park Ave (Oh lala, there is one here! I am always near a Park Ave! I stayed on Park Ave. when I was in New York too!) with Simon (Simon, if you didn't know by now, is my super duper cute gay roomie that I just love so much) and some of his girlfriends and ate yummy poisson et couscous, talked about art, working, with bits of french here and there (practice, practice, j'adore!). The sky was beautiful: pink to purple and later the moon was shining against the clouds against a deep, sea blue. A little chilly, a little chocolate, a homeless man told me I had really nice hair, and this strange man stalked me down the street after I went to the Couche-Tarde (obsessions: dark chocolate with fruit and tropical gum---also, Couche-Tarde is this 24 convenient store with a sleepy owl with only one eye open).

But the night is ending with: LA BONNE IDEE ( THE GOOD IDEA!)!! :)
I want to try to make something every day but I wasn't in the mood today, so, before I left for M, I scanned in hundreds of pages of doodles and artwork and inspiration to add to my website. So, when I haven't drawn anything, I will put up something that no one has ever seen. It's new, new to you and new to me because I start to work on it until the idea has come to fruit.
There are other things to talk about, like music stuff, but I'm just super sleepy right now. More tomorrow!
I love it here. I really do.
Bon nuit! Love, Christine

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