HOW I (usually) MAKE MY POSTERS...

If you have trouble reading it, here is the text below. :)

First(1), I sketch out my ideas which are usually based off of things that that make me happy. I think dogs and elephants doing something a human would do is funny, and food with eyes always makes me laugh. Sometimes the band names inspire me, sometimes the music, sometimes whatever is on my mind at the time. In this case, the fella who asked me to do the poster is also in the band PIZZA! So, I wanted to pay a secret ( but not anymore!) homage to the band. And, I kind of love pizza too
(umm...I have a book called Pizza Doing Stuff!). Spring is in the air here in Montreal, so I wanted trees with new flowers and a light happy feel to it. Sometimes I get distracted and start drawing something else(2), but that usually branches off later on to become a different project ( like an elephant crying while eating pizza, which will become a comic about an elephant crying until it eats a slice of pizza and it makes him feel better. But, after he finishes it, he looks over to see the rest of the pizza crying...oh life, how bittersweet you are! ).

Then, after I finalize my idea, I work out how the text will fit into the image (3) and get to drawing for realz. I usually do it in one take(4) with a few erasing here and there. Sometimes I use a light-box and draw the text on a different sheet (5). Sometimes I do it all at once.

So, after that I scan it all in, clean it up, make minor adjustments, and then flatten it to create one image in Photoshop (6).

After that, I start to color it little by little (7)and then... Finally,I add the background color (8) and VOILA done!

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