birds waving
I'm a doodling maniac. I doodle on anything. Napkins that I end up crying into, saran wrap boxes (because it's in front of me and i have a pen in my hand), cat whiskers, fine china...etc.. :) This is from my sumi-e ink style. I mentioned before that I've been working a lot more with it---so I have a ton of images to scan up. There are two styles, though. One is very simple and clean and the other is a messy scratchy world. I've been trying to organize my website but it get's harder and harder when I start to create new styles. I think I should probably have 10 different identities. It's so fun, though, exploring new ways of making art and really loving it too---that's the thing about being an artist and definitely an illustrator---loving what you do and pushing it out into the world because you don't care what other people think-you love it! :)
Love! C

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