SHOUT OUT: Lederhosen Lucil

Ah! I love this vid! It's so creepy and pretty and has puppets in it!

I'm working with this lovely lady Krista Muir (above) on creating cute food art/music collabo for an event here in Montreal I'm doing a lot of work in called The Stone Soup Show for INDYISH.COM! Super duper fun! I'm going to be showing/selling paintings of donuts and stuff and PIZZA DOING STUFF is going to be projected up and you can find books and other paraphernalia there! And more! More info soon.

Info below but I'm making a poster for this so you'll see it again!

Indyish.com's Monthly Mess Presents: The Stone Soup Show
7:30 pm - join us for a kitchen jam and soup making.
Show will start after 8pm.
Centre Chat Bleu
435 Beaubien, 4th floor

avec: Lake of Stew - Surfing the Waste - Krista Muir - Love, Christine - Food Porn - No Small Potatoes - Barry Goodz - Irish Ceili - Circus Arts +++

PWYC + please bring one Soup Ingredient.

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