obama for The Indypendent
the indypendent

This is my first political cartoon for the Indypendent in NYC. It's an article about Obama and how hard it could be for him to live up to The American Dream and how his cabinet is made up of the Clinton administration. Near the end of the article he is compared to Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. SO this is him as Jimmy Stewart when he is standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial except Lincoln is now Clinton.

It was definitely a challenge to do this type of editorial work since I like colorful and fun and bizarre and this story wasn't that funny or bizarre, so I didn't have too much to work with in that area---but I wanted the challenge to see what I could make. To me I love the old New Yorker watercolor/ink style so I went with my beloved pencil and pentab watercoloring ;). Over time I'm sure I'll find a particular style ( when I was creating this I drew about 10 different versions eventually moving into something that felt more like me), or maybe just stick with this one, but, either way I'm learning and it's pretty fun and exciting.

It's so weird, I feel like a grownup now.


Dr. Suess used to do a ton of policital cartoons early in his career as well as Saul Steinberg and those are my two favorite illustrators ever ever ever!!! Soooo it's fun to follow in their footsteps, in some kind of weird out of order do-it-yr-own-way dream come true dance.


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