Okay, so to take my poster/album/editorial designing to another level-I'm going to start animating each poster as well so, it's like you get a bundle of excitement every time I make something new! SO FUN!!! I love trying to merge different mediums together when I'm creating-try to hit different levels, utilize my different passions. Like my music project Symmetrics: the synthesis of art and music; now another concept: illustration with animation (very simple animation-but I think over time it will get more intricate). So much stuff made for print is also used on the web and while I've been really colorsplashed lately with my work, it only makes sense that these bright colors should come to life as well! I love providing different options of my work-imagining it coming to life, on a t-shirt, a sculpture on the moon, the shape of things to be.

You know those animations of an illustrator drawing an object, character or landscape and then it comes to life? Well, I think it's pretty much true. I was drawing the design for my next album last night and it just came to life before my eyes. The second dimension folded into the third dimension and the fourth dimension (time) articulated it's existence. Whoa. Fun. I'm so obsessed with "dim ensions" (the concept and then my playful take on it) lately only because time/life/space/colors/sounds aren't linear and I like to think of even the simplest projects and concepts as as 3D models because there are so many different ways to approach a concept and so many different outcomes, so, the more you can think of and create, the more your brain star expands outward and the more tangible your dream becomes.

Life: fun!
:) Love! Christine

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