Uh oh! I started a new music project a couple weeks ago with my friend Stern (Julien Imperiatrice) called HEART BRAIN BEAT. Right now we have one lil' underwatermusicscape. It's called Anemone and the idea behind the project is to turn these little scenes that play in my mind into music and then I'll turn it into art. So, when we created this we started with a guitar part as our main structure then found this sparkly synth sound that I instantly called a sea anemone. I could see it's hot pink flowery shape waving in the water trying to catch fish. The rest of the song went from there---"lady stay" is actually the sea anemone trying to convince a beautiful tropical fish to come closer to his deadly grip. Near the end bubbles float up to a night sea sky and you can see the stars twinkling above (galaxysynth). The website is crayzay right now. Usually I have nice clean and crisp websites, but this projects allows me to go a little further out into the world with experimental music/sounds/art with someone who has a different background in music--so, it's all new and can only grow and grow like lil' sea anemones in the sea. Love! Christine

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