Family (Green)

"But, you see, I didn't see it so it doesn't count"

"It's in situations like these that I feel myself completely torn."

"Well the thing about us is that we don't roll that way."

It's so hard to clean these up for web because they are on cold press watercolor! Cold press watercolor is awesome for art on the wall but not for web. I'm going to have to get hot press from now on! Anyway, there are a few more of these but I'm going to scan those in later. So---now to find a good gallery in Montreal to set up a show and then I can buy some big big watercolor paper (sooo nice, the possibilities on paper, like the flat surface of dreams) and get to work making these babies huge! I do that with most of my gallery art---it starts out as a small illustration idea and then I blow it up really big. The bigger the better!
Like this guy below: he was just a tiny lil' thing and then I painted it on large paper and put it in a show. There is a whole series of these guys. This one I actually had in one show and then donated it to a fundraising event and all the proceeds of the sales went to the Bagavagabonds in LA ( they're this cool group that donates their time and effort for the arts and music). I love donating my art to charities. It's just wonderful that people buy that art knowing they are supporting a good cause on top of it. It makes me feel so happy that the art is going to a good place.

In other news: got asked to be an artist for a baby line in France! YAY! I love making kids stuff (still working on babylove!). And...I think maybe a poster in the works for a tour...? Not sure yet. And then I'm going to start branding a company in Arkansas. And...making some hats for a photo shoot...and illustrating a header for a food blog...and...got a project doing a few illustrations for a very cool magazine and...tomorrow is the very last day of working on the Sea Legs album. I'm taking it in a whole new direction!!! Super excited about it!! I'm excited about the art but also about FINALLY wrapping it up so I can get to work on all my other billions of projects! :) Ah, so many things! I need an assistant and maybe three more of me. I'm so so so so so so so so blessed and thankful that all I do is creative stuff all day long and it varies every day. Music wise: been meeting so many people to do music with and I'm steadily working on my first solo album. So excited. Thank you Love.
Love love love love love!!!

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