"But, you see, I didn't see it so it doesn't count."

I do a ton of these strange watercolor animals. I like the idea of mixing a kind of abstract way of painting in with the clean lines of simple illustration (or, base animation-the youth of the pencil). This stuff you don't usually see in my illustration technique-normally in my art pieces, but it would be great to start making my illustrations more abstract like this, or at least have a client or some work that involved this type of bizarre style. Making these just feels good. Each brushstroke has a color and a tone and I almost sing violin trills and cello wails when I paint. I also love making this style because there is nothing like brushstrokes. Painting is a dance on it's own I feel so joyous (especially large scale things when a slab of paint smoothes across the surface like peeling paint or spreading peanut butter) but it involves movement and represents movement. At least, in this kind of stuff, it is a movement of color/sound/light. These are small versions of what I'm going to make really big!

Love, C

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