Yesterday I spent most of the day looking at bakeries and little shops and than taking photographs of food. Also we have an orphan Cat here, so he was part of the photo series as well. :) (He has no name but I call him Baby Kitty.)

I'm in photo mode right now, so I haven't drawn anything the past couple of days, but, while I was laying in bed yesterday morning I kept seeing this very bauhaus ad for a muffin with illustration all over it, so that set me off in search of muffins. I'll work on the ad's later with some illustrations! I love to combine those things.

CLICK on the pictures below to see larger versions! :)
Banane Lait
Chat Oeil
Petit Dejeuner MenageriePomme Tourte
Chocolat CupcakeChatChatLes GateauxFraise Gateau DelicieuxMr. SalmonePomme CupcakeChat  OreilleChat, Gateau, Epingles

Last night we had a dinner party with Simons friends: all very cool girls. Genevive and I talked about Acupuncture and how she was going to do the training in the spring but right now she builds helicopters. YES! She actually puts helicopters together. Amazing.

Also, yesterday, I met up with my friend Eve and we walked around Park and Mile End and decided to go into this huge church with a dome. I had the insatiable urge to sing, and when the church cleared out we sang and filled the whole place with a happy resonance. I have a recording I did on my ipod (I have this little mic that attaches to it that records very high quality. It is one of the best things I've ever bought!). The sweet guy at the front who had to watch the church was very pleased. But, after a while, we heard this loud sound and an old man came out of one of the doors and asked us what we were doing.
"You can't do that."

Well, okay. We left. I think it was a perfect amount. When we walked into the church I really felt like praying or doing something, so I asked what I could do and then singing was the answer.We were singing in praise and filling the place with joy, so, for a while, it was a very energetic moment. Eve and I decided we wanted to clear the repressive energy with ours so I said to imagine our hearts shining with joy and coming out of our voice. Ah, it felt so good.

So the music samples below are untouched---just one tiny sound in the cathedral echoes all over the place, resonates against the tile, a splinter in the pew, the light shining through the stained glass windows.
Love, Christine

Eve and Christine

Christine Cathedral Improv

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