Tonight was so perfect: the temperature, the moon, the the smells of flowers and dinner and cinnamon. I walked to the grocery store, made a new friend, walked home and decided I was going to stay outside the rest of the night. My sweet roomies had supper outside at this lil' restaurant on Mont-Royal and then jammed over to the Jupiter Room. Ahhhh! Simon and I went soul dancing for hours and hours and hours. I love love love love love it. I could dance forever to old soul: getting all sweaty, drinking water like nectar, big smiles, crazy moves, craziest moves and dramatic exits...haha. Also: I made up 2 new songs today! One is has a very pretty lullaby old sad soul feel- and the other is a blues jammaroo!

Below is something I painted I think in the winter when my hand was broken. I am probably the pig drinking tea. But, maybe I did this in the spring, reflecting on being a pig drinking tea. Either way, it's my new/old "la bonne idee" contribution: une doodle finally worked on tonight.

In a few hours I'm going to wake up early, make super yummy cookies for a picnic avec my roomies, meet up avec my french friend Ben and go to to the Italian market to get some fresh veggies and check it out, and then to the island for a picnic avec mes bonne roomies! What a package deal: a room, a garden, and wonderful friends. Ah, j'adore ma vie en Montreal maintenant , I wish it would stay summer forever so I don't have to leave. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see. It all depends on how much work I get done. So many things. So many many things.

Love love!

Broken Arm Pig drinkin' some Chai

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