I drew this the day before I moved to Montreal when I was working on repainting that bike (info below in blog #2).

I think my fish is bolemic. I feed it and watch it eat but then I find little balls of food laying at the bottom of his bowl by the Marimo Moss Ball. HMMM!
But, his tail is healing up!

Nothing brand new to show for today (yet) because I was busy out and about in the city with Simon working on a commercial! I took some and was shot in some photographs for a show to be aired on Canadian equivalent of MTV here called MUSIC PLUS. Neat-o! It was so much fun!!!!!! I love randomness of creative projects, taking photographs, and walking around town with instruments in leather jackets lookin' all rock star. But, even if we're in the commerical, we have a giant question mark mask on our face-so you wouldn't know unless you were someone who recognized people by their hands. In one of the pictures I play drums and am wearing this giant baggy janitor uniform because I'm actually supposed to be a guy. Hahaha.
Photos up tomorrow! Sleepytown tonight and working party tomorrow. For some reason I feel really excited to go to sleep and dream. I think there are gonna be some goodies. Sleeping is like going to a movie theatre and buying tickets to a movie you know nothing about but it's indy and Sundance and probably really cool.


P.S. I love you Montreal: (SO MUCH! Today I walked around and rode bikes and it is just SO BEAUTIFUL here! All the little homes standing hand in hand with other homes and covered with their little flowers and their little special token of character with silver steeples and sun on the petals and sounds coming from this window, or that cat, and the CLOUDS are HUGE.)

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