I almost went to bed without posting but I really want to try to post every day as many times as I can so I whipped this lil' thing together. I LOVE this new Vector world I've entered only because I can draw a thousand times more quickly and in vivid colors. And I like building things up too--for example, all the elements in the cheeseburger are their own image. If you peeled it apart, it would be as if you were pulling apart a cheeseburger. I'm sure lots of people work this way but it's fascinating to think of creating in more than just 2D, because 2D is about the angle and the perception, whilst making this cheesburger was about making every part of it real and then laying them together.

Another advantage of working with vector is that I can work as fluidly and lucidly as I like with minor adjustments. The purpose of Catopus was just to make something for tonight, but I had no idea so I started off with just a doodle of a monster body and as I added each element, the story grew in my mind. In the end we have this Cat-octopus monster thing eating cheeseburgers from this creepy cheeseburger that makes cheeseburgers every time it opens its mouth. They're friends which is odd because the cheeseburger is making it's own kind to be eaten by his friend. But, I don't think the cheeseburger really cares, his reason for existing is to make cheeseburgers, nothing more and nothing less.

What else, I worked on some music today, and I slept A LOT, like a CATOPUS! In and out of sleep in the sleepy sun that shines between the buildings, getting up to make toast (I think it was my last day of Toastcapade), and then sleeping more.

Later Simon and I met up with Boris and we ate at a sweet little Italian place and then headed over to Drawn & Quarterly for Matt Forsythe's super cute comic book release called Ojingogo. Ah, Montreal why are you so amazing? Should I try to see what winter is like or just be a summer lover?

SEELING MY CAR: If you live in LA, I'm selling my car for super cheap, like mere handfulls of rubies!

Speaking of "lover", I wrote a new song (and now I have recording equipment that I borrowed from JP) about the moon being my nighttime lover and the sun as my morning.

OTHER NEWS: OH! I fell off my bike today too in front of a windowful of people. Whoops! It was really funny, like in slow motion. I was talking to someone and leaning up against my bike and then the bike fell back, slowly, slowly, and then I fell back slowly slowly on top of it plop.

ZZZtown now because I have too much work in the morning and I want to go to Quebec City in the evening.


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