Workin away!

I've been branding and designing the website for this super cool eco-consulting biz and store in Nashville! This is just the temporary splash/concept page, but by the end of it all it will all be mostly illustrated by hand with this notebook paper feel to it. Since Jennifer Casale (the owner) is also a poet-I wanted to give it a vintagy/bookish/screenprinted look to it as well. I'll have my jewerly in the shop when it opens since they are made up vintage parts and hopefully be more involved with it all! :)

I do a lot of "eco branding" and I even have a website I'm working on for myself called "ecoloveco" that specializes in ecobranding or rebranding! :) I love creating identity for a greater cause. I've been really lucky to have had a lot of eco or "green" clients like:
+SnL is an awesome PR company that I've had the pleasure to re-brand their company, design invitations that were 100% recycled and sustainable, and give them a look for their whole eco section.
+Gramicci clothing I rebranded their ecoline and called it "greenicci" and was in charge of designing and making the trim, hangtags, packaging etc. made of sustainable materials! That was fun. ! :)
+Neat Clothing I was in charge of their image and logo, they're all specialized bamboo materials.
+CleanDreams is a super cute bedding line I did a little consulting with and designed some bedsheets.

Super fun eco party. News on "ecoloveco" soon. :)

The Green Wagon

ALSO my friend and I are starting an all organic company called HEART ORGANICS (of course! It has to have something to do with love or hearts! Haha.) and the first line is a baby line called "love,baby"...:) I'm working on a whole team of international cute animals with stories from each of their countries--which will be printed on little baby clothes, made into little, books, textiles, etc...but this project is going to go very slowly and sweetly, baby step at a time because we are both busy busy bee's and we're just doing it because we love organic stuff, cute things, and babies (she has two). But, my other friends with babies are jumping in with great ideas and I think if we all work together, HEART ORGANICS can be a huge hit. Why? BECAUSE we all do it with love. Always!

Love, Christine

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