Matt and Kim POSTER
Poster for a Matt and Kim show!

This year I've had a thing for ghosts and hovering eyeballs that I toss into my drawings, which is sorta Halloweeny and almost seems fitting for the date of the show, but, I didn't want to go Halloween-themed, which is why I offset it with lighter subjects and colors. I don't know where this floating eyeball affinity came from but it kind of reminds me of this Japanese cartoon character that is an eyeball. One aspect of all of my illustrations and posters is characterizing inanimate objects and then have them interact with one another usually through their observations of one another, or looking up to the sky, which, I feel like gives the image depth. What are these characters thinking about? What could a scoop of ice cream possibly be thinking about? Or a bowl be reading with such seriousness? Funny. I think it's more of an observation of humans. We manage to stress out about everything, but, what you would do if a scoop of ice cream started stressing out? You'd probably laugh at it and tell it to chill out, literally. ;)


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