IndyKids Centerspread

IndyKids Centerspread
IndyKids spot illo
Lately I've been doing the center spreads for a free NYC children's newspaper called IndyKids. This piece is about children with disabilities and how they are able to do a lot of things despite their disability. Below that is another spot illo for the same page.

In other news: I'm back from tour with my band! It was so much fun. I didn't have a computer for almost 2 weeks or internet ( sometimes I got to check my email on an iphone). I planned on drawing on the off time but it was back to back shows and driving place to place, so, no time! But, I'll post up some recent doodles tomorrow from my post-tour chillout time here in Vermont. Today we went to a swimming hole and drove through the beautiful country-side and I made a lil' comic about it. Sooooooooooooo nice.

More stuff later!


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