A couple months ago I art directed the Fall09 photoshoot/campaign for Rocketdog Shoes in San Francisco. You can see me in this vid for like 2 seconds "being an art director" ( just standing there laughing (?!?) and movin' stuff around). Hahaha. I LOOOVE art directing and everything that goes into it: working with all the people you need to make something happen (the photographers, artists, stylists, make up, props, etc!), coming up with ideas, brainstorming sessions and R&D [R&D is my ultimate favorite part], advertising, and making sure the job gets done and our vision is coming to life! WHILE having a ton of fun! Because it's Love, Christineland and that is a fun place. Oh man, I am such a dork! HAHAHAHA. :) (But I love it! Dork power!)

Check it out here! Whoa!

Here are some of the ad's I worked on for billboards and posters with my artwork! I was going for a contemporary/illustrative explosive street art. How to make an advertisment that makes the environment more attractive opposed to uglifying it up with the norm? My concept was to create works of art, like paintings, by using oils and pencils mixed together with the lifestyle images.
Rocketdog Poster 1

Rocketdog  Poster 2

Rocketdog AD 2
Rocketdog AD 3
Rocketdog AD 1


Juan Carlos Solon said...

Beautiful Work!!
Great job!!!

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