Alela Diane
For the LA Record! In her interview she told a story about how she hit a bear in her Volvo. No one knows what happened to that bear. Going to her show Friday at Cafe du Nord in SanFran! I just happen to be here and she just happens to be playing and my friend I am staying with just happened to want to go to the show so I'm just happening to go too. Why not? Life: yes!
Also: I was in San Fran for a business day trip on Monday and decided to stay the week right before I had to hop on my plane ( last minute love!). I went to some thrift stores yesterday for clothes ( since I only had the dress I wore for my meeting and my computer) and I'm winging it all moment to moment which is exciting and a good lil' random life refreshmint to pop in my brainmouth. But, that means I'm missing some items like my phone charger!
So my phone is dead: please contact me through email! I'm still doing my work, just in the kitchens of friendly places.
Life: yes!
Love! C


Anonymous said...

oh I love Alela Diane! I checked and she isn't touring anywhere Toronto, Canada any time soon :(

JuanCarlos said...

Theres something about your work that I just love, great stuff!

Christine Hale said...

Thank you! :)