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Editorial for a kids magazine in NYC called IndyKids! This article was about corporate branding at a young age and the influence it has over children, their diets, and brand loyalty. I turned some of the kids into the major players. This is one of my first kids focused illustration work and I'm pretty stoked on it. I remember looking at all the magazines, books, comics/articles they'd give you in school when I was a kid and critiquing and admiring the illustration work. I mean, Dr. Suess was a personal hero of mine. In the 2nd grade I had to do a bibliography and read it to the class. Everyone else chose presidents or movie stars, but I chose Dr. Suess. I remember some kids laughing, but I really didn't care. I loved (still do) him. His artwork is amazing! I have a ton of kids books on the backburner for the day I finally have time/funding to sit down and do nothing but make them. I can't wait.

Ah! Been so busy lately that I haven't had time to update my blog. I had to put some illustration work on hold for a bit to do some recording for a lil' EP I'm working on, but I have a slew of projects to finish up early this week!

How are you? Doing well? It's starting to get hot here in LA. Although I miss Montreal terribly and everyone is blushing out east - the talk of this electric spring blooming blossoms is making me feel wanderlustful. Always. Don't you worry East, I've officially fallen in love with you and I promise to return soon - but first there is this world out there still beckoning. We'll see what happens--life is so interesting!

Love! C

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