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OCT. 18

Sally washes up on a vinyl suitcase, she opens the green lid to reveal a plastic lid, beneath this black translucent cover, a round platter with a needle sliding along a grooved edge. With a flick of her wrist, the table spins easily, a circle within a circle within a circle. Crackling, a rhythm begins generating, Johnny ascends the stratosphere, starting at the knees, rising from black trenches. So Patti Smith actually did "Horses" then broke it down into "Gloria." With a hypnotic voice, she led us through a fable of unbearable lightness, sea horses, eyes, at the end of a hallway, a rhythm begins...a song about looking in the mirror and being like, HOLY SHIT. And horses. Looking square-face at a horse and saying, "Do you know how to pony?" Then we're in a field. "Johnny goes to the bottom and...then...he gets up," Patti freestyles. "Johnny doesn't like to be down too long." Johnny walks into a party looking for a bloody valentine, looks out the window and sees Gloria humping the parking meter. Sally imagines herself as Gloria and as Johnny. She feels existential about it, dragging along Patti's unraveling yarns, one boot up on the monitor, pushing waves off her thrusting hips with the back of her hands. "Teen Spirit," "Ain't It Strange," "Redondo Beach," "Free Money," and "In My Blakean Year" each took turns rousing the audience from their seats, but when Patti Smith began “Horses,” the crowd reacted as if she took her shirt off for a transcendental lap dance.

—Daiana Feuer

Love! Christine


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Amazing. The best so far of everything ever.

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