My OTHER business: branding.
C&Y branding

ANOTHER business I have: ecoloveco

Other than being a designer/musician/photographer and illustrator, I am also an imaging and branding specialist. I brand companies through market research, color theory, and client profile. This is my company: I brand, I rebrand, and I even do eco-branding. This is the intelligent side of design where I get to analyze my client, create and present my design, and pretend to be a super smart businesswoman (okay, not pretend, but show my mature side). I LOVE doing it. I love creating an identity and imagining it from the smallest thing (the logo on a business card) to the scope of a website to the sign outside the door, to the architecture and design of the company, to it's logo carved on the moon. Haha.I even started to consult people on their own personal identity and branding. Helping people and companies find their passion/mission as well as helping them present it to the world and attract their dream clients is something I really like to do. :)

The thing that makes my company special is that I approach it as a science/study which is what is ECOlogical about my service. The ecological aspect can relate to both original branding (the study between the an organism [in this case, the company] and it's environment [the client, society, marketing and color trends,etc.]) as well as conservationalist eco-branding (the study of detrimental effects of modernism on society and the presevation and conservation) where I can help a company become more eco-conscious by designing a line for them and aiding them in their creation/statement/mission.

My style is very clean, minimal, conservative, intelligent, but also playful and witty. I love to integrate Bauhaus design theory with a modern playful sheen-but I can adhere to any style, if my client thinks it represents them the best. AND I love working with color theory and analyzing how the color will effect the business, how it represents the company, and attracts the client.

The LOVE and CO aspect is that I work with love (just like Love, Christine) and that my client and I have a mutual respect for one another-just as the company would have with their own client. It's important to establish this, as our company is a SERVICE and through our service and talents we help change the world with our passions. Hopefully my clients are moving toward a more consciously minded company or at least realize what their impact has on humanity. Yes, even the smallest things, the smallest companies create a ripple and my idea is as long as we work in love and fraternity, our ripple is clean.

The second image is a company I just branded today. A management firm that specializes in a variety of services. They're going to manage me, actually, so, even better that I like the look/feel/and vibe of the company. Ha. :)

Back to work trying to figure out how to use dreamweaver so I can MAKE my ecoloveco website work and put up my portfolio!

LOVE! Christine

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