Oh! I had to take a break. Plus I stayed up for 60 hours straight this weekend. It was a contest. I won and the reward was a million hours of make-up sleep and puffy eyes. Dreamy dream dreamy.
Lots of new work tomorrow!

Also, if you are in Montreal I would recommend attending PECHA CUCHA MONTREAL #7 on Wednesday at SAT.
I will be there and it should be rad and inspirational: a gathering of artists/architects/designers/musicians presenting their current work.

Love! C

P.S. Did you know I make a lot of my income designing textiles? Well I do! I used to be a fashion designer if you didn't know that or read it below, and through that I discovered the amazing world of textile design! :) I really love doing it because first I have to do a ton of research for inspiration and ideas (which I love doing) then I take my art and design ideas and figure out how to create a repeat which is kind of like putting together a puzzle sometimes if the design is very complicated. The best part is getting the actual fabric samples: my art on rolls and rolls of fabric. Super neato. Sometimes I sneak in a very tiny heart with a C in it for Love, Christine. :)
Here are some I did for Fall 2009.
Nouveau Butterfly

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