and mustaches! Crazy!
Well what a good day! I ate 5,000 pieces of toast with marmalade, cleaned my fish's bowl, drew some things, and then started my path down to Vector Village. Super duper fun and my WacomWonderTablet is overjoyed at all the attention I'm giving it.
What else...a couple of my poems are going to be published, one of the albums I'm working on is finally going to print! Yay! I have to tweak some of the artwork again and then it's party time. Just got my new illustration assignment from The L.A. Record: MOGWAI and SIAN ALICE GROUP!

Ahhh. I want to draw every second of the day---it's hard to pull myself away sometimes. It's just super fun and I have a thousand ideas for paintings and illustrations every time I close my eyes! It's like if I take a break from looking at the world (and I am always always looking at every little tiny thing all the time) then crazy art takes advantage of me when my eyes are closed. I just did an experiment. I closed my eyes for one second and I saw:
A pink dog with blue ears and big eyes wearing a frenchy hat swing it's head to and fro, slobbering all over the darkness. Isn't that a little crazy?! I mean, it's super fun, I see cartoons all the time. I really don't have any complaints, I just wonder if anyone else see's that? The same thing happens with music sometimes---especially while I'm falling asleep I can hear an entire symphony and point out every instrument and note. Oh the brain, the wonders of the brain and the wonders of the unfamiliar familiars.

Sleep tight.
Also, listen to This American Life #361 Fear of Sleep. The very first story told by a comedian about sleepwalking is very funny.

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