I love these. I'm putting them up here because I did them right before I came to Montreal. I found out about the contest under an hour before midnight (deadline) and jammed on them, submitting the final one at a romantic 11:59. They haven't made their decisions yet so everything is tense, the weather is wondering, but, if they chose my design I will probably shoot up like a rocket, seed a cloud (like the chinoise!), and make super sunny happy weather for Montreal (deposit raindrops over a sad pond or presently parched big mouthed prehistoric frogs that come out when no one is looking). This American Life makes me cry all the time and I have a crush on the translucent voice of (pun?) Ira Glass. Love, so much love. If one of them doesn't win, it's okay, because I like these so much I'm just glad they exist. The first is my fav: it is a take on our society:
"Oh, uh...hmm...we share this very small pond...well...umm....I'm going to pretend I don't see that person...oh okay, they're not leaving, alright, well....hmm...I'm going to practice saying hello, maybe it will look like I am saying goodbye..."
Eventually you've gotta do something.

When I was in Russia I smiled at everyone and got strange looks. Someone told me they automatically assumed you were mentally retarded. You know, it's not that bad in the United States. I think people are pretty friendly, at least, I grew up in the Midwest and everyone is friendly if they aren't racist or drunk ( deep in the woods, yes, it still exists) and in California the weather is so insanely nice, you can't help but smile. Maybe I'm thinking of New York, the trains, or maybe I'm thinking of all of societies, or maybe I'm thinking of something far greater than all of this. Hmm!

The second one is the view from a TV or a Radio or a Computer, watching us, watching us watching them..ooh, the life, our lives.
The third is American pride, freedom of speech, the youth, etc. I snuck Snoopy in there too for many different reasons, one being that I love Snoopy and I think Snoopy is genius.
You can interpret these any way you want. My process is that I love something, I make it, then I realize what it means after. Thats usually the best way to get from A to B, although it seems to be a little backwards and upside down...like...

If TAL asked me to do work for them, I would backflip while saying yes in 7 different languages. It's love=true love.

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