Another year has passed and it's time for the downtown art's districts BLOOMFEST! Two years ago I was asked to create the logo/branding/identity and poster for the festival, which I really enjoyed doing since I spent a lot of time in the arts district while I lived in L.A. so it was something I knew/felt/loved. The festival pays homage to overallgoodsemaritan and shopowner, Bloom (RIP). One thing he was known for was for his love of dogs. WHICH vibes with me since I also love dogs and drawing them. So, for last years poster and this year I drew the view of the neighborhood full of the locals - as dogs. <3 Ha. Thanks again Melissa from Cause Connect and EVFA for having me work on this project with you again. Always a pleasure. :) Here are the posters from the years so you can see the different viewpoints. xo Ohara
Robotanists @ Bloomfest / Los Angeles, CA 8.14.2010 BLOOMFEST LA 2011 POSTER

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