SWISS SANDWICH KNIFE design LEMONADE design BEAUTIFUL DAY CLOVER design Here are a few t-shirt designs I did for a company. Unfortunately they didn't make the cut ( out of a buuuuunch). But these are my favorite designs. These images are available for sale as prints or screens - just shoot me a message! I love drawing : food, flowers, and weird creatures. I wish this lemonade illustration could be used for a package design for a company- thats the one thing I haven't done much of : food packaging/design although I really love it and sometimes I buy products just to keep the packages ( I have a stash in a box that I've kept for years from all my travels!). Maybe I'll just go ahead an mock this up and hope it somehow reaches a company looking for a glass of lemonade just like this and they'll have me design their whole line of beverages. It's strange the things we WANT to do in life...why do I want to do this so badly? I don't know! I just do! Better yet, I'd love to do labels for a winery and be paid partially in wine so I have an endless supply for late night summer jazz on my balcony with friends. :) Dear delicious wine company ( philanthropic would also be extra nice) , please contact me so that we can make a deal. Thanks. xo Ohara

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