TOMORROW NIGHT! THE LOVE SHOW, at Pehrspace Gallery , Los Angeles)

They are from this recent batch of illustrations I did ( see: last blog post). I initially started out thinking I'd make some cards for the holidays and then decided I'd rather make something you can use ANY day. Random, unexpected, thoughtful gifts are the best gifts to get. I also made them because I wanted these images to make people feel good. It's just nice to hear something kind now and then, for no reason. I think that is love. An unexpected compliment, a gesture, a random act of kindness. Sweet, simple, no strings attached kind of just-cuz I was thinking of ya sort of thing. :) So, they happen to fit in perfectly with the theme of the show! Check it out, it sounds like a rad night and I love this gallery (I'm actually on the gallery roster, because when I lived in L.A. I had shows every now and them). It's very undergound, DIY, kewl. Also, kind of hard to find. It's hidden in the back of a parking lot.

Love! Christine

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