Paintings for SALE in LOS ANGELES until JUNE 13

Elements list
A series of paintings called THE ELEMENTS, up at
4th & Main street downtown LA between
May 13 and June 13

This is from a series of Japanese sumi-e inks and watercolors I did in 2007/2008. I showed them once, never got a hold of the people that wanted to buy pieces (sorry, I wanted to give it to you for free but I couldn't do that either, so I just did a typical artist thing when it comes to money and flaked out---I'm not like that anymore!!! Haha.), and then everything went into storage, only recently to see the light of day again. Aww! So sad! The show that is up now, I realize, is a culmination of me during my experience in LA ( 2005-2008). It's my japanese/american heritage kissing graphic design, kitch, and clean/simple/zen childishness that we all hold in our hearts. And, overall, it's the simple longing for love ( inner and outer). Once I get back to Montreal, I have a whole slew of new things in the works; my version in motion. But selling these paintings will help me get back there! :)

All pieces are framed, ready to hang!

I also lowered my pricing for these so they can just go go go and live live live ( these normally are $300 and up).

If you are in LA, please check out the amazing bookstore and the other works that are there ( that I do not have photos of, unfortunately). I won't be able to take the show down, so I'm hoping everything will be gone by JUNE 13th. :)

Shipping may be arranged, for an additional shipping and handling fee, but you'll have to speak with the bookstore about that.


P.S. Elissa Gennello has 4 awesome pieces up too for great prices as well.
P.P.S. Today and tomorrow I have the dioramas on me and a few more pieces that I'm going to take to children's stores to see if they'd be interested in purchasing from me. But, if you want to see them and take them home, let me know and meet me in Venice! I'd love to see you anyway. love@lovechristine.com

Photos of the show below!
Show at The Last Bookstore in LA
Show at The Last Bookstore in LA
Show at The Last Bookstore in LA

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