Here's a lil' interview by Rebekka Utermohlen ( POPNZ), an independent art curator/ Thinkspace intern/ assistant to LC (Leonard Croskey) creator of Cannibal Flower that in her spare/fun time is trying to develop a super cool fun blog that is inspired by the likes of teen bop and tiger beat. In this blog she asks her favorite artists and musicians fun, silly and sometimes completely irrelevant questions. "It’s just a different way to reach an audience and have your fans see the person behind the art."

CLICK HERE to read it! :)
She even made this sweet lil' gif of me when I was a kid. Awwww.


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Anonymous said...
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Alex Mathers said...

I like your blog very much and the drawings you do. Expect an email from me regarding featuring your work on apeonthemoon.com.

If I forget, please email me !


Christine Hale said...

Hey rad Alex! Merci! :)

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