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Some mock up pages for my own music website! :)
The shots I took when I went back to my hometown Joplin, Missouri for my lil' brothers wedding! I've been pretty busy doing the music stuff lately, which is why I haven't posted much art up. Recording, writing, playing a ton of lil' shows and working on my album/EP! Monday I'll be in Montreal singing and playing in a band called The Hoof and The Heel. More news on that stuff later or you can find out all about it in on myspace music page since this lil' bloggy blog is mostly for my illustration/art/design work.


The style is very minimal, neutral, simple with a fixed background. I thought it would be neat to incorporate "candid" looking shots as well as elements from my lil' town neighborhood to give it a really personal touch. It's where I grew up! And I'm really into overexposed even out of focus shots right now. Moving more into film and the raw stuff and also more innocent--back to the basics! Same with my photography I've been doing lately as well. There is always something so sincere, permanent, and in the moment with film that digital just can't grasp. With digital you can easily toss it aside or take a million shots, with film you only have that moment and then you have to wait to see how it turns out. I think I take better photographs that way knowing that I have to get it, right then and right there.

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Rebeca said...

Wow..this is amazing shot you have taken.