AW! Music Blogs!


I just got a link to the sweetest blog post ever about my music/art by one of the sweetest ladies I know: Chesney Higgins, writer and music reviewer. My lil' heart just plop plopped when I found out she wrote a bloggy blog about me!

Also! I'm up on the Fukuoka, Japan Music-Complex website. If you can read Japanese maybe you can tell me what it says (because watshi wakarimasen sukoshi). :)

Tonight I'm playing a show with a new band The Hoof and The Heel at Divian Orange in Montreal, 11ishPM. Should be fun and very interesting. I just flew into Montreal the day before and spent the day rehearsing, learning all the songs, vocals, keyboard parts. Ah, I love arriving into a city with my feet flat on the ground and then take off running ( the night I arrived I danced until the wee hours with people I love). Padum-padum, my heart!

Okay, art stuff to put up later this week. I'm making a poster for a benefit concert in LA and then working on some illustrations for a company. Plus, now that I'm back in Montreal, I've got my series of paintings to finish, photo, and show. News news news soon.



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