Here is my piece that is in this book!
I made this artwork earlier for a poster for Rudely Interrupted (about how we all love ,need love, give love--how we are all the same) and the artwork lives on to support a charity! So exciting! Doing art for music, other artists and creatives, for charities and philanthropists, writers, etc...anything to expand the mind/heart creatively and also just for a GOOD and LOVING cause is my favorite thing to do---my way of giving back to the world. When I was in(and out and in and out) of school one of the things I studied was non-profits/grant writing in hope that I could do design work for PBS or something of that nature, but through the years I realized that if I just stuck with what I LOVE and I know that what I love makes people happy, that I can help people with my artwork ( by donating the art, or just doing the work because it was chosen for the "feeling" and sincerity, and hopefully get more support for their cause) then I am helping the world become a better place with my special talents. I had a lot of moments in my life when I wondered what I was doing and if it was all a waste-feeling guilty for not joining the Peace Corps ( I almost did) or studying to become a doctor or giving up everything I owned because other people in the world had less than me. But I learned that when we LOVE what we do, when we work with 100% truth and passion, when we live graciously and appreciate all the things we DO HAVE, and when we work on making our DREAMS come true - we are actually HELPING OTHER PEOPLE make their DREAMS come true and help the world become a better place---every little tiny bit counts, every smile, every self-less act, and every moment you let your heart shine with love!! So, do what you can when you can, but don't get down on yourself, be happy, grateful, and full of joy.

That is the best part of living and loving and growing and learning: life.

Anyway----this is an exciting project because it is being printed up in LONDON and there will be an exhibition! Some of the artwork from the book will be selected for the show, so I really hope I can go there and attend the show! There are so many great contributors to this, so I am really happy to be a part of it! :)

Designers Against Tibetan Abuse (on sale Feb 2nd 2009) is the first project by Designers Against Human Rights Abuse. Founded in the summer of 2009, a non-profit organisation, DAHRA exists to promote and raise awareness amongst those involved in the creative industry of their social, political and ethical responsibilities as well raise awareness of different instances of Human Rights Abuse.

As such the first project focuses on Tibetan Rights and is a combination of a book (on Sale February 2nd 2009), a limited edition Si Scott silk screen poster (only 50 going on sale also on February 2nd 2009) and an exhibition in London in the Summer of 2009.

52 creatives from around the world all contributed pieces focussing on different aspects of Tibetan Rights forming this inspiring book avilable for £15 + postage early next year. All proceeds go to the Tibet Relief Fund, who are also distributing the book, and all the money goes directly to them with DAHRA not handling it at any time

Here is a list of all contributors to the book:

Nik Ainely (Shinybinary), Anna Badar, Jonathan Barnbrook, Adhemas Batista, Bek 03, Luisa Bernardes, Diana Bodea, Bartek Bojarczuk, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Calugi, Giovanni Capriotti, Christopher Cox (ChangetheThought), Nicholas Creevy, Sebastien Cuypers, Adam Dedman, Neil Duerden, Andy Ellison, Nima Falatoori (NMO design), Theo Gennitsakis, Alex Haigh (thinkdust), Christine Hale (Love, Christine), Nick Hard (Research Studios), David Harris, Sean Canty, Mike Harrison, Peter Harrison, Nessim Higson (IamAlwaysHungry), Piotr Holub, Eli Horn, Eric Jordan (2advanced.com), Evgeny Kiselev, Niklas Lundberg (diftype), Justin Maller (Depthcore), Chow Martin, Kevin Megens (Karma.tv), Shane Mielke (2advanced), Nathaniel Milburn, Saad Moosajee, Jared Nickerson (J3concepts), Joao Oliveira, Snehal Sanghani, Loic Sattler, Si Scott, Rishi Sodha, This is Pacifica, Bram Timmer, Tokyo Plastic, Alex Trochut, Ana Ventura, Ari Weinkle, Oliver Wiegner (Ice Cream For Free)

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